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Factors to Consider in Getting the Right Bike Lock

If at all you have a bike, then the security of the bike is of utmost importance particular due to the price that it cost and the sentimental value that they hold. Below are some of the important guidelines to help you in getting the right bike lock.

One thing that you need to consider in getting the right bike lock are a special type of locks called U-locks. This is particularly because U-locks have gained popularity amongst many bike lovers due to the fact that they have a bulky locking mechanism that helps them to be resistant to hammers, chisels and other equipment that could be used try and unlock the bike. U-locks are quite advantageous because they have a horseshoe shape that does not give a thief enough oomph to both the bike apart by reducing the space in which they help to insert a tool, commonly a crowbar, in an attempt to leverage the bike. U-locks vary in sizes and you should ensure that you get one that will be able to minimize the space between the bike and the lock to reduce the chances of leveraging and this is totally dependent on the size of the U-lock.

One other thing that should not miss it comes to getting the right bike lock our cable locks. Despite the fact that there is less deterrent than U-locks, cable locks are very versatile and adaptable. For this reason, cable looks are appropriate in areas that are characterized with low crime rates due to the fact that they are susceptible to compromise if a thief uses a bolt cutter. Despite their low thief deterrence, cable locks can be combined with U-locks to come up with a perfect locking system that secures even the removable parts of a bicycle, like the seat.

Another important consideration for the right bike lock is looking into chain locks. These are particularly built to be able to help in the security of bikes particularly in areas that are characterized with high crime due to the fact that they have chain links in the operating system to be able to deter attempts to compromise the locks using hack saws, chisels and various tools. Some thieves would go for the padlock if they get chain locks and you therefore need to get the right kind of padlock to ensure that you have a secure system to lock your bike. Click now to read more here!

The different bike lock keys and combinations are a huge determination in getting the right BikeLockr bike lock for you. In the case where you choose a keyed lock, there is need to ensure that you acquire a key replacement program to help you have a backup for your keys. Combination locks are the best when it comes to the memory of your lock as the only require you to remember four digits as compared to keys which might easily be lost or misplaced. You may further read about bike lock at

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